Hello Fellow Enthusiasts! On behalf of the ITAP I would like to thank you all again for joining us for the 4th annual golf outing. You will find the photographic evidence in the link below.
August 10, 2016 at Sunnybrook Golf Club


Investment Traders Association of Philadelphia 2016 Golf Outing


*a few selected highlights*

:43       second mark- Norm Wilde’s drive on 10.  His foursome rolled in with a 58 and won the whole darn thing. How this guy sleeps at night…..

:53       Bob Rickmers tee’ing it up on a can of Bud Light.  The Yeungling cans make him slice I guess.

:59       Thumbs up from JR.  He’s just trying to make golf outings Great Again!

1:07     The Commish photo-bombing the beer cart ladies.  My chin’s handicap is actually a plus 15.

1:44     Carlos’s swing….he took Long Drive.  Really?….really?

2:02     Ron Hooey draining one in the Putting Contest like it’s his full time job…hey Ron…could’a used some of that on the course…just saying.

2:57     BAXTER!!!!!
*selected lowlights*

Anything involving Tommy Bell.

Once again, thanks to all and we look forward to seeing you at the next ITAP event.

*disclaimer* I’ve been informed that drone footage adds between 18 and 107 lbs.  We have nothing to worry about!