The ITAP would like to send their deepest condolences to the Kinsella family.

Below is a letter from Jack Hughes.

Notice on Legacy


The Philadelphia business community was saddened to learn earlier this week the passing of Mike Kinsella Sr.  I took the liberty to write a small personal letter highlighting Mike’s accomplishments both professionally and personally.  I felt the need to share Mike’s story because he meant so much to so many in our business community.

When those of us who have spent a lifetime in the securities industry here in Philadelphia think of trading, a name that comes to mind and a figure larger than life is Mike Kinsella Sr.  When you think of a kind, generous, and loving family man you think of Mike Kinsella Sr.

He married the love of his life Mary Mooney.  She was his best friend, and his shining star.  They started to create their own trading operation having five children, Michael Jr.  Matt, Marybeth, Danny and Katie.

Mike worked at various firms including, Robinson, HN Nash, Hopper Soliday/Newbolds, and Pennsylvania Merchants Group.  We came close to working together at one point when WH Newbold and Hopper Soliday merged.

Mike graduated from St Joseph’s University but Notre Dame would become his first love in later years, having sent some of his children to the “Fighting Irish.” Many weekends were spent in South Bend at their football games.

I first met Mike in 1973, I was a new trader in Philadelphia.  As a young person in the industry Mike reached out to me and introduced me to his extensive network of contacts in the trading community. His guidance throughout my career enabled me to become more involved in the securities industry, with both the ITAP and the STA.  Later I became familiar with the regulatory process joining the NASD Dist. 9 Business Conduct Committee and NASD Market Surveillance.  All I was doing was following in his footsteps.  Mike was President of the Investment Traders Association of Philadelphia, a member of the District 9 Business Conduct Committee, a member of NASD Market Surveillance Committee, and a member of the Board of Governors of the Security Traders Association.  He always gave his time, talent and treasure back to the industry he loved.

Our relationship went beyond the business community, Mike and Mary were like family to us.  My wife and I attended dinners and several business sponsored conferences.   We also shared a mutual love for Irish music.  What impressed me about Mike was not only his business acumen but his desire to share his knowledge with everyone, especially the newcomers.  Always willing to share his contacts and his expertise with everyone.  If there was anyone in the business who didn’t like Mike, I have yet to find them.

Whenever we were out together, Mary would question Mike about something he was doing around the house, he would say laughingly Mary, I’m doing the best I can.  Well Mike the truth is your best is what made all of us love you.  The best husband, the best dad, the best trader and the best friend, this is your legacy.  A lyric from an old Irish song titled “The Old Man” says, I thought he’d live forever, he was so big and strong, you will live forever in our hearts.  Rest in Peace my friend and “Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand “

Jack Hughes